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Corporate Clients

We offer innovative packages for business meeting, guests reception. conference, Christmas party, annual dinner, press conference and etc. We provide more than 10 luxurious yachts in different sizes, including European yachts (Seoline, Sesso, Ferretti, Cronchi) with complete facilities such as decorations. sound system, food and beverages and etc. With wonderful experiences in organizing maritime events, we ore able to offer an unforgettable experience to every guest.

Linkhere Yachts & Entertainment 遊艇租賃服務|直升機租賃|求婚策劃| 一間具規模的『海、陸、空』娛樂公司,由俱創意及擁有豐富經驗的專業團隊帶領下,從天空到陸地以至海洋為香港本土以及外地遊客提供多元化優質的生活體驗及特色活動。  ​
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