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Flight Model

MD902 Explorer

The 902 Explorer is a light twin utility helicopter and is the first MD helicopter to incorporate the no tail rotor (NOTAR) system in its design. The Explorer has been built largely from composite materials and is powered by a twin Pratt and Whitney PW207E Turboshaft engine. The MD902 is the first helicopter of its type in the Hong Kong region.


• Aerial sightseeing

• Filming and photography

• Aerial survey

• VIP Charters

• Lifting and construction work

• Powerline and Methodical Inspection

Scope of Services

Required Crew 1
Passengers 6


Maximum Gross Weight (Internal) 2,950 kg
Maximum Gross Weight (External) 3,130 kg
Useful Load with 1 Hour Fuel: Internal 870 kg
External 1,050 kg
Maximum External Load 1,100 kg


Fuel Capacity 728

litresMaximum Range 300 nm

Maximum Endurance 3 hrs



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